Vernacular Yarn from Bumblebirch: local, rustic, humble

September 01, 2015

I'm pleased to unveil a project that has been in the works for many months: Vernacular yarn!

Vernacular is a limited run of local Cormo wool grown and milled within 100 miles of Portland, Oregon. From start to finish, this product is made by family-owned, small businesses in my own local economy. Soft strands of Cormo wool have been spun into a rustic, versatile 2-ply fingering weight yarn.

I have wanted to add a locally-sourced, locally-milled, non-superwash yarn to my lineup for many years now. With so many small sheep farms in my region around Portland, Oregon, I felt it my duty to utilize some wool here, now. I want to support the local economy and encourage domestic production of wool and yarn. It's so very appropriate for this region and its climate. 

I also want to be connected to the people who produce the goods I consume, don't you? As this yarn passes through your hands, imagine that you are shaking hands with the makers: touching the same hands that have fed and nourished the sheep that grew this wool; you are touching the same hands that skillfully washed, sorted, and milled the yarn; you are touching my hands as I gently wash and dye and dry your yarn; and you are touching the hands of their families and community as well.

Currently available in natural, undyed off-white. There are a limited quantity of skeins from the fleeces I purchased this season and more will not be available until next year. You can now purchase it directly from me in my online store.

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