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Modern yarn inspired by nature. Hand-dyed in Portland, OR.


Why is my yarn splotchy?

Kettle dyeing uses the imperfections of water resist and crowding, which allows the dye to penetrate the fiber slightly unevenly. I take advantage of this method to make perfectly imperfect yarn. The resulting knitted-up fabric looks a bit like it was painted with watercolors.


Why don't my skeins match?

Even when dyed together in the same dye lot, individual skeins will vary. I recommend alternating skeins to minimize any potential pooling and to blend the shades together better.


Where's the dye lot number?

Bumblebirch discontinued dye lot numbers at the end of 2015. The hand-dye process, especially kettle dyeing, produces slightly different skeins even in the same dye lot. Additionally, my dye lots are such small batches (4 or 6 skeins at a time) that it wasn't worth the extra hours of work labeling dye lot numbers on skeins that weren't identical. For multi-skein projects, I recommend alternating skeins to blend any differing shades together better.


How quickly will my new yarn arrive?

In-stock orders usually ship out within 2-3 business days. Domestic orders usually take 3-5 days to arrive; International orders may take 1-3 weeks depending on customs processing. If there is a delay due to closure, illness, or cat disaster, I will contact you by email and let you know your adjusted ship date.


How can I get free shipping?

US shipping is free on orders over $75 (typically 3 or more skeins). For International orders, shipping is a flat $10 on orders over $75. If you'd like to receive promotional offers which may include free shipping and discount codes, sign up for my newsletter.